Kendamil creates world’s first baby milk ice cream

Here at Kendamil, we don’t just create. We innovate!

And we’ve whipped up a world-first. Introducing for a limited time only,  the ONLY ice cream made with baby-formula, strictly for adults! 🍦 Although it's not available to buy in shops, you could get your hands on a tub to try by entering our competition. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out how...

But are you tempted, or turned-off? Let’s explain the thinking behind this quirky creation 😋

🤯 1 in 3 parents have not tried their baby’s formula 🤯

We were shocked by this statistic and so we wanted to highlight that our baby formula is delicious, nutritious, and nothing to feel nervous about trying.

According to parents, their babies love our award-winning baby milks, and we want parents to feel just as confident about tasting baby milk too! 

We sent out a survey to over 1,600 parents, and of the 1,376 parents who feed their little one formula, we were shocked to find out that a third of these parents have never tried their baby’s formula!

This information blew our mind, so of course we wanted to find out more, so we can help parents and carers feel more confident about how you’re nourishing your little one.

🐟 “Baby milks smell so bad” 🐟

Of those parents who haven’t tried their baby’s formula, a third have said it’s because the smell puts them off.

And we get it, because a whiff of fish isn’t the most pleasant is it?

But that’s where we’re different. At Kendamil, we don’t use any fish oil in our formula. Why? Because we believe in sourcing DHA in a way that’s kinder on our planet and babies.

DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function in babies, and babies aren’t able to make it themselves.

So why do many baby formulas contain fish oil as a source of DHA? Sadly, because it’s cheap to farm - fish oil is often made from unwanted fish components including the head and tail. 

Here at Kendamil, we never cut costs to compromise our recipes. Kendamil baby milks are packed with pure marine algae instead of fish oil, which is plant-based and provides a more neutral taste. Algae is a renewable source of DHA, meaning it’s kinder on our planet, helping to protect our ocean’s ecosystems and wildlife stocks.

Fish oil is also a natural allergen for children, so switching fish oil for algae is kinder for your little one. It also means our milks are uniquely vegetarian-friendly, and accessible to more families!

😞 “Baby formula tastes bad” 😞

There’s so much word of mouth out there about formula’s fishy, metallic, sour, bitter taste. 

But the reason for an unpleasant tasting formula is purely down to the product. Not all baby milks taste the same, because not all baby milks are made the same!

1 in 10 parents think that formula tastes fishy. And as we now know, that’s down to the fish oil, which you won’t ever find in Kendamil.

Another interesting note in our survey was that 1 in 10 parents also think that some baby milks taste unnatural. This may be because of vegetable oils used to replace the fat source in some baby milks. While other brands use vegetable oils as the main source of their fat content, Kendamil baby milks uniquely contain full-cream milk fat nutrients. This makes our baby milk taste creamy and naturally sweet. In fact, our Founder loves it so much that he uses it in his tea! 

Shh, don’t tell him we spilled the tea!



🙋 “I don’t know what’s in my baby’s formula!” 🙋

Many parents feel nervous about trying baby milk, simply because they’re not sure what’s in it. While it can be a bit overwhelming with all the formula options on the market, rest assured that Kendamil only uses high-quality, naturally derived ingredients from local, British farms.

You might have seen the Red Tractor logo on our cans. The Red Tractor Farm Certification means that you can have confidence in the ingredients we use at Kendamil. It’s the green light for ingredients that are responsibly sourced, safely produced and come from crops and animals that have been cared for; which is exactly us! Our British cows thrive in our fields, soaking up the Cumbrian climate all day long. The regular rainfall keeps the green grass full of nutrients, which they love to devour! We’re a little jealous to be honest.

It’s the nutrients from the full-cream that we mix into our baby milk, and blend with essential fatty acids like sunflower, rapeseed and coconut oil to give little one’s the essential linoleic and alpha-linolenic fatty acids they need. At Kendamil, we’re one of the few baby brands around that doesn’t use palm oil in our products. We believe in using ingredients that are not just kinder on your baby’s tummy, but also the planet. 

Our commitment to supporting local farms and families doesn’t just stop there, because our whey comes from Somerset, our vitamins and minerals from Kent and our essential oils from Yorkshire. We believe in the world-class farms here in the UK, and we’re proud to be the only British made-brand on the market, supporting local businesses here at home.

🍼 Baby a new flavourful form! 🍼

 Our survey also asked parents whether they’d consider trying baby formula if it was in a different product. And we were quite excited to discover that 34% said yes and 29% said maybe. 

So if we had to create a new limited-edition product to prove the incredible taste of our baby milk, then we were up for the challenge.

Our Research and Development experts got busy, making friends to create a baby-milk, ice cream hybrid with experts at Luxury Lakes Ice Cream just a stone’s throw away from our factory. And it was a dream team. Featuring our Organic baby milk (comprising over 50% of the recipe!), Jersey double cream, fructose, natural emulsifiers and stabilisers, our Kendamil ice cream is a delicious taste of the Lake District in all its simplicity. And simply delicious!

🍨 The proof is in the pudding 🍨

We’ve shipped out our Kendamil ice cream to some willing parents to get their thoughts. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch them tuck-in and give us the scoop.

But the proof really is in the pudding, which is why we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on a tub! We’ve been innovative with our ice cream, but now it’s your chance to get creative. Share your own ode to ice cream or childhood ice cream memory on our competition page, and you could win a limited-edition tub of our adults-only Kendamil ice cream! 

It’s first-come first-served because we don’t pick flavourites. But the most inventive entries will be shared with the world on our social feeds. 

Here’s ours…

A spoon for two is the worst thing I could do.

I’d have a thousand lonely nights, just to chill with you.

Hmm, could do with some work! Good luck! 🤞

Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months, and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.

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