Kendamil wins two awards PLUS an official growth recognition from The Grocer!

We're absolutely OVER THE MOOOOON (🐮!) to OFFICIALLY announce that Kendal Nutricare, has won TWO GROCER AWARDS PLUS AN OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OF GROWTH!! 🌟🌟🌟

🏆 Top Launch of the Year for the Baby & Infant Care Category: Kendamil 'Ready to Feed' Formula.


🏆 New Product Award for the Baby & Infant Care Category: Kendamil ‘Classic Follow on’ Formula. 🥇

⬆️ AND, we’re OFFICIALLY recognised as one of the TOP 5 FASTEST growing brands!! 

Fastest growing brands are determined by sales data from the last 12 months, across 47 categories including information regarding market share, NPD, trends and developments against sales figures and turnover.💨🚀

That’s three wins for our brand!! So, we’re feeling like the (whole-milk) cream of the crop. 🥛🐮

So, what sets Kendamil apart?

We’re so grateful for this INCREDIBLE winning streak. But, really, at our core (even though we DO love an official recognition, or THREE) we’re proud of our roots and our recipe, which speaks for itself by being:

✔️ 100% British. 🇬🇧

✔️ Packed with nutritious whole milk fats!🐮

✔️ Uniquely vegetarian. 🌿

✔️ Palm oil-free. 🌴

✔️ Fish oil-free. 🐟

✔️ 100% Halal. ☪️

We’re a family business and the ONLY British-made baby milk! We set out to make baby milks that are innovative, nutritious and sustainable. Our formulas are lovingly crafted in the Lake District using nutritious whole milk fats and plant-based DHA. By avoiding palm oil AND fish oil in ALL of our baby milks, we're also doing our part to be a more sustainable brand. 

Kinder for your baby AND kinder to the planet: the proof is in the award-winning baby milk!! 

Some other awards we’ve won this year include:

Thank you for your support!!

At this point, you’d think we’re used to scoring in threes. Especially since this is our SECOND award-winning hat-trick of just THIS YEAR!! Thank you for helping us reach these incredible heights, KendaFamily!

Here's to using these two awards (PLUS, that AMAZING recognition of our growth!!) to spread ✨the KendaWord ✨ and to give parents across the UK a British-made, more sustainable baby milk choice. This sign of recognition, paired with our recent launch in 1500 Co-ops, means even more accessibility far and wide across the UK for our palm oil-free, fish oil-free, sustainable baby milk. 

Our aim is, and always will be, to support parents, nourish little ones, and sustain local family farms. Thank you for helping us to get there quicker than ever.

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