Organic First Infant Milk

800g | 0-6 months

Organic First Infant Milk
Organic First Infant Milk

Our Organic milk contains the very best of nature.

We’re 100% British and don’t do palm oil, fish oil or other cheap additives. What we do do is organic whole milk nutrients, plant-based DHA and 3’-GL. Simple.

Our Stage 1 milk is suitable from birth.

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made with love in the British Lake District at our Kendal HQ

Whole milk

whole milk sourced from Organic farms

EU organic

our recipe is certified by the Soil Association

No Palm Oil

Kendamil has and will NEVER used Palm Oil

Plant-Based DHA

we've swapped fish oil for marine algae, for all the benefits and no fishy flavour

with GOS

with galacto-oligo saccharides to support the development of the gut flora


Add 1 level scoop of powder to each 30ml of waterª. This feeding table should only be used only as a guide. All babies are different and may require more or less than is shown below. Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk should be fed on demand. If you need more advice talk to your healthcare professional.

1 level scoop = 4.3g
ª Amount of freshly boiled and cooled water

Snap open tamper-proof clip and dispose of immediately and safely, away from children. Hold the top of the can with both hands, place both thumbs under the lip and push up to open. The scoop is held inside the lid. Open the foil seal by pulling back on easy open tab carefully and safely, then dispose of foil.

Step 1 

Wash hands, then sterilise your feeding utensils according to manufacturer’s instructions. 

Step 2 

Fill kettle with 1 litre of freshly run tap water (do no use repeatedly boiled water). Boil and leave to cool for 30 minutes, so it remains at a temperature of at least 70ºC. Measure the required water into a sterilised bottle.

Step 3

Using the scoop provided, add the correct number of levelled scoops to the bottle. Use the straight edge inside the lid to level each scoop.

Step 4

Place on a sterilised teat and cap on the bottle and shake well to dissolve powder.

Step 5

Cool to a natural body temperature. Always test the temperature of the liquid on your wrist prior to feeding your baby.

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Organic First Infant Milk

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key ingredients image
1. Organic Whole Milk

Organic Whole Milk is the first ingredient in each of our formula recipes and is what we’re known best for. Our organic whole milk is sourced in liquid form from grass-fed cows on European farms and is rich in natural mammal’s milk fat. Our use of whole milk provides a naturally creamy taste to our recipe and crucially means we can use reduced levels of vegetable oils, which typically form 100% of the fat content in other formula brands. Our use of organic whole milk also means we have naturally present MFGM in our recipes. image
2. Organic Skim Milk

Organic Skim Milk acts as a source of proteins, carbohydrate, and essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are important for bone health. The skim milk you’ll find in Kendamil Organic comes from Organic Certified European farms and grass-fed cows. image
3. Organic Whey

We add organic whey protein to our recipe to adjust the naturally high casein content of cow's milk, achieving a whey to casein ratio of approximately 60:40. This adjusted ratio more closely resembles the composition of breastmilk. Whey protein is more easily digestible than casein protein as it remains soluble in the acidic environment of the stomach, allowing it to be digested and absorbed quickly. Our source of whey protein is also rich in lactose, which is the most common carbohydrate (or ‘sugar’) found in breastmilk, providing energy to your little one. image
4. Fat blend

Alongside the natural milk fat from our whole milk, we use a blend of infant-grade coconut, sunflower and rapeseed oil for our fat content. These oils are necessary to provide essential fatty acids (such as linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid) which are present in human milk and are the precursors for your baby to make long chain polyunsaturated fats like DHA. We can’t rely exclusively on our whole cow’s milk fats as these fatty acids are not present in sufficient quantities. We never include Palm Oil or Soybean Oil in our formula. image
5. DHA

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a type of omega-3 fatty acid which supports healthy brain and eye development. It is naturally found in breastmilk and plays a crucial role in the growth and function of an infant's nervous system. We source our DHA from sustainably farmed marine algae. image
6. Organic GOS

GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) are dietary fibers added to infant formula to mimic the effects of prebiotics found in breastmilk. They promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria which can lead to a healthier digestive system, softer stools, and potential immune system benefits.







Liv absolutely loves this porridge!

Liv absolutely loves this porridge from Kendamil but so do I because it’s soooo easy to make & sometimes that’s just what you need as a busy mum 😍🤝🏼

Customer Reviews

Based on 646 reviews
Nellie Kitty Allen (Glasgow, GB)
Best breastmilk suppliment ever!

I breastfed both my children and followed on with formula. My first never had kendamil and was always sick after a feed. My second followed on with kendamil and there was no fussing due to the change in milk and was so settled. No constipation and no sick. Brilliant and highly recommend!



Erin Wright
Best thing to happen to my little lady!!

My little one was born premature at 26 weeks. From the first day she was given a bottle, she fought it. Had horrible diapers. Fought every sip. She ate only when she was STARVING and only eating enough to get by. She put on a pound in just over a week after she started Kendamil! Almost overnight her demeanor changed and she was happier. She is much more engaged with her surroundings and making more and more of her milestones. I can not tout Kendamil enough! Her diapers are SO much better and more consistent. Best thing that I could have done for her!!!

Ysanne Turnbull (Sunderland, GB)
Kendamil organic

Kendamil has been amazing for my little girl, as we had a couple of issues with breastfeeding, I had to change to formula. And I'm so pleased I choose kendamil as she's absolutely thriving from it, she really enjoys it too! I would definitely recommend as you know the Ingredients are safe and you know where they come from, she has never had any issues with reflux/colic either!

Victoria vinari

Adoro questo latte, mio piccolo sta benissimo con pancino. Kendamil tutta la vita