Goat Toddler Milk 800g
Goat Toddler Milk 800g
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Goat Toddler Milk 800g

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Our Goat milk is designed to be the most advanced of its kind.

With over 60 years’ experience in infant nutrition, we combine the finest, natural ingredients to develop a toddler milk as gentle as your baby. Our unique recipe is made with creamy Whole A2 Goat Milk, Goat Whey, Plant-Based DHA and GOS. We’re also proud to avoid palm oil, fish oil, maltodextrin or cheap additives.

Our Stage 3 goat milk is vegetarian-friendly and suitable from twelve months.

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Whole A2 Milk
No Palm Oil
Plant-Based DHA
Goat Whey

The kendamil Difference

Why Kendamil

Whole A2 Milk
No Palm Oil
Goat Whey
Plant Based DHA

Product information

Nutritional information
Science behind the product

60 years devoted to their first years

Behind Kendamil is a passionate local team of scientists, formulators and quality experts who’ve dedicated their lives to researching the very best ingredients for your little one. We believe being closer to nature will make a formula that is kinder to babies and their world.

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Ingredients as good as they are

Whole Fat A2 Milk
Plant-based DHA
Plant-based ARA
Fatty acids (ALA/LA)
Vitamins C, A, D, Zinc
Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

What are the benefits of goat milk?
Why do you use whole milk?
Does Kendamil contain palm oil?
How is Stage 2 and 3 different?
Can I change to Kendamil immediately?
Can I refrigerate Kendamil milks?
Where can I buy Kendamil?

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