Pro-Comfort Baby Drops

7.5ml | 0 - 3 years

Pro-Comfort Baby Drops
Pro-Comfort Baby Drops

Friendly bacteria for little tummies. Our Kendamil Pro-Comfort Baby Drops are designed to support the development and balance of your little one’s gut microbiome. 

Our drops uniquely contain 3 friendly bacteria strains (Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Reuteri and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus) with 375 million live bacteria per serving.

At Kendamil we don’t do unnecessary ingredients, so you’ll find no artificial colours, sugars, gluten, maltodextrin or soy! 

Our drops are suitable from birth and are designed to work alongside breastfeeding or bottle feeding. All they need is 5 drops a day, administered with our easy to use pipette. One bottle is 7.5ml and contains 30 days servings. 

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3 Bacteria Strains

With 3 unique bacteria strains

375 Million live bacteria

Designed to support little tummies

Gluten Free

Allergen free to support all dietary needs

Added FOS!

FOS feed friendly bacteria!

Maltodextrin Free

With NO maltodextrin or added sugars


Store at room temperature or refrigerated. Keep away from sunlight. Once open use within 2 months.

Step 1

Shake bottle well until cloudy.

Step 2

Open the bottle, discarding the cap and replacing it with pipette.

Step 3

Administer 5 drops daily from the pipette either directly into the mouth, on a spoon, in a formula bottle or in breastmilk.

Kendamil compared

Pro-Comfort Baby Drops

BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops




Bacteria strains

3 strains

1 strain

Gluten free

No maltodextrin

With FOS

Price per online stores



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Liv absolutely loves this porridge!

Liv absolutely loves this porridge from Kendamil but so do I because it’s soooo easy to make & sometimes that’s just what you need as a busy mum 😍🤝🏼

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Amy (Harlow, GB)
Really impressed!

My baby is almost 3 months and has been suffering really bad with trapped wind and irregular bowl movement. After numerous drops not working I decided to look into these comfort drops. Honestly, what a difference! she is so much happier and so are we! I will definitely be recommending to anyone who’s baby is suffering with something similar. Great product!

Faiza (Sutton, GB)
Kendamil drops

It’s really good I used to my 6 weeks old baby She was suffering from colics , since I started giving her kendamil drops I noticed a big difference from the second day of use.
It’s amazing

Borislava Obretenova (Croydon, GB)

Pro-Comfort Baby Drops

Kate p (Athens, GR)
Great drops

I read before giving birth to my daughter that c section babies don't get the right bacteria, I did my research on how best to solve this and one was pro biotics. From day one I have given this to my daughter she is now months, she's had no colic, pooed regularly and seems happy. I would highly recommend this to any new parent.

Catherine Dowden (Plymouth, GB)
The kendamil drops

Are amazing but they ran out really quickly. And went like sugar it was really strange. And for 12.99 a time to only last not even a week is silly but the actually product has done my daughter the world of good

Thank you for your review. It's important to ensure each dose is 5 singular drops (once a day) rather than 5 squeezes of the pipette. There is 7.5ml of liquid in the bottle to last 30 days. We hope this helps!