Goat Toddler Milk 800g
Goat Toddler Milk 800g
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Goat Toddler Milk 800g

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Our Goat milk is designed to be the most advanced of its kind.

We’re 100% British and don’t do palm oil, fish oil or other cheap additives. What we do do is locally-sourced full cream A2 goat milk and goat whey, plant-based DHA and 3’-GL. Simple.

Our Stage 3 goat milk is vegetarian-friendly and suitable from twelve months.

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British made
Full Cream
A2 Milk
No Palm Oil

Product information

Nutritional information
Natural Credentials

Made in Britain

Kendamil Goat is the only British-made Goat formula – wow, right? We’re lovingly crafted in the English Lake District (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and proudly source our ingredients from family farms across Cumbria, Somerset and Yorkshire. 

So we can bring to your home a little slice of ours.

Natural Credentials

Goat goodness

Our goat milk is pretty special. It is easier to digest than cow’s milk and our unique recipe including A2 milk makes it easier for infants to absorb. Our goat milk also contains selenium and prebiotics as identified within breastmilk.

Natural Credentials

Farm to formula

We know our farmers and animals – Billy, Nanny, Buck … and the goats have names too! Every farm in our supply chain is proudly Red Tractor certified, ensuring the highest quality, ethical and and traceability standards in the UK. That means the best for your baby, from farm to formula.

Natural Credentials

Plant power

Did you know other goat formulas use fish oils? Sad, but true. These cheap fish oils are processed for DHA. At Kendamil, we only use plant-based DHA, avoiding fish allergens and safeguarding our oceans. This is what gives Kendamil its great taste and smell!

Natural Credentials

Protecting their world

We believe in protecting the planet your baby will inherit. That means saving our rainforests (no palm oil), preserving our fish stocks (no fish oil) and reducing emissions through local suppliers, renewable energy and recyclable materials. Just like your little one, we have a tiny (carbon) footprint.

Science behind the product

58 years devoted to their first years

Behind Kendamil is a passionate local team of scientists, formulators and quality experts who’ve dedicated their lives to researching the very best ingredients for your little one. We believe being closer to nature will make a formula that is kinder to babies and their world.

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Ingredients as good as they are

Full Cream A2 Milk
Plant-based DHA
Plant-based ARA
Fatty acids (ALA/LA)
Vitamins C, A, D, Zinc
Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

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