Classic First Infant Ready to Feed 70ml Starter Pack
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Classic First Infant Ready to Feed 70ml Starter Pack

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Our Classic Ready to feed milk is made with love and inspired by nature. Our starter pack is conveniently packed with 6 70ml bottles and 6 pre-sterilised teats for hospital trips or days out. 

Our Ready to feed uniquely avoids both palm oil and fish oil. Instead it's packed with natural cow’s milk blended with healthy essential acids and plant-based DHA.

Our Ready to Feed First Infant Milk is suitable from birth.

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British Family
No Palm Oil
No Fish Oil
Plant DHA
Plant ARA

Product information

Nutritional information
Natural Credentials

Protecting their world

We believe in protecting the planet your baby will inherit. That means saving our rainforests (no palm oil), preserving our fish stocks (no fish oil) and using recyclable materials. Just like your little one, we have a tiny (carbon) footprint.

Science behind the product

60 years devoted to their first years

Behind Kendamil is a passionate local team of formulators, scientists and quality experts who’ve devoted their lives to researching the best ingredients for your little one. We believe being closer to nature will make a formula that is kinder to babies and their world.

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Ingredients as good as they are

Plant-based DHA
Plant-based ARA
Fatty acids (ALA/LA)
Vitamins C, A, D, Zinc
Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

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Will there be Organic or Goat RTF available?
When will the 200ml RTF be available?
Does Kendamil ready to feed contain palm oil?
Is Ready to Feed available for subscription?
Are the bottles recyclable?
What’s the shelf life?
How do I store Kendamil ready to feed?
Can I change to Kendamil immediately?

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