Introducing new Kendamil Pro-comfort baby drops, with 3 live cultures to help support your little one's gut flora.

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There are many ways to support the balance of good bacteria in your baby's tummy, including introducing a digestive supplement. Find out more about Pro-Comfort and how it can help to support your child's gut health.

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3 live friendly bacteria strains
375 million live bacteria
with FOS

bacteria are sensitive to high temperature 🌡️

proper formula preparation introduces water 70°C 🍼

most friendly bacteria lose viability above 40-45°c 🥵

bacteria thrive around human body temperature (37°C) 💛

for every feeding journey

Suitable from birth to 3 years old, and simple to add into your daily routine.
Not suitable for premature infants.


in breastmilk


in formula

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