When compared to cow’s milk, goat milk has several unique benefits which mean that for babies suffering with digestive issues, goat milk formula may offer a gentler, natural alternative.

  • Goat milk predominantly contains A2 beta-casein proteins, which are more similar to the proteins found in breast milk and may be easier to digest for sensitive babies.
  • Goat is a naturally casein protein-dominant milk, so Kendamil intentionally adds goat whey to rebalance the protein ratio to be whey dominant, matching the ratio of breast milk and helping baby digest faster.
  • When baby digests their milk it reacts with their stomach acid, creating curds. Cow’s milk naturally forms slightly larger, firmer curds, whereas goat milk creates softer, smaller, looser curds, similar to breast milk curds. For babies with digestive issues and sensitive tummies, these softer, smaller curds may help them to digest their milk more easily and absorb their nutrients more efficiently.
  • Goat milk contains naturally high levels of oligosaccharides (similar to those found in breast milk). These oligosaccharides help to promote the growth of beneficial, healthy bacteria and limit the ability of harmful bacteria to attach to intestinal cells.