Our baby formula is formulated using the cream of the milk. We get our fats from the same place as breast milk, from milk fats! For fats in our baby milk, we use a blend of whole milk and essential oils. We're different from most other baby formula that fatten up the formula with 100% vegetable oils, like palm oil. At Kendamil, we believe that adding whole milk to provide a natural mammal fat source is by far the best formulation for your baby's needs and it also reduces the amount of vegetable oils we have to use to reach the correct fat content. Additionally, using whole milk means we naturally provide Milk Fat Globule Membrane (or MFGM) which is also found in breast milk. Nevertheless, we do actually use some skimmed milk in our recipe. Infant milk needs a balance of milk proteins as well (milk proteins from whole/skimmed milk + milk proteins from whey) and we use skimmed milk to encapsulate some of the minerals included in our baby formula during the spray drying process.