10 easy, DIY festive craft ideas to do with your toddler

10 easy, DIY festive craft ideas to do with your toddler

With our 10 easy, DIY festive craft ideas, your little ones can stay occupied and creative over the festive break.

It’s officially time for festive crafts with the little ones! Here at Kendamil, we love a good holiday-themed, DIY craft session because it’s a FANTASTIC way to exercise your child’s creativity - without stepping a foot outside (‘cause baby, it’s coooold outside. No, literally! ​​🥶). 

Don’t worry, KendaFamily, we’ve got you covered (and inside!) this festive season. Our 10 easy DIY crafts will be sure to occupy your little ones!

1. 🎀 Cinnamon stick figures

This one makes your house smell AND look nice. All you need is a (supervised) hot glue gun, some colourful ribbon and buttons and sticks of cinnamon! 

Simply take a stick of cinnamon. There’s your stick figure! Embellish your stick figure with ribbons around the stem of the stick (we love a festive green or red ribbon, wrapped in pretty bows around the cinnamon stick). Then, use some glue to add a cute button at the tip of your cinnamon stick. 

For added flair, why not attach a little string at the top of your cinnamon figure? You now have a personalised, cinnamon-scented bauble to pin to your tree.

Oh, and talking about baubles...

2. 🌟🎄 DIY baubles

Personalise your Christmas tree baubles with a fun snowman or penguin (or anything festive!). They add a touch of personality to your Christmas tree. PLUS your little one can really get creative with glitter, and paint!

All you have to do is grab some old baubles and get painting. Paint your base, first, and then let the painted bauble dry. Then get to decorating your freshly painted bauble with whatever embellishments you like. Ribbon, more paint, and glitter are great ways to add some colour and texture!

3. 🤧 Tissue paper wreaths

Need a wreath? Simply grab some green tissue paper and wrap it in a circle. Add personality by using different colours, adding designs or decoration or even jazzing with some glitter!

4. ☃️ Glittery mason jar ‘snow globes’

For kids who LOVE their glitter, this one’s perfect. Simply fill an empty mason jar with colourful glitter (supervise your little one so mess doesn’t get everywhere!) and voila. You have colourful, glittery mason jar masterpieces dotted around your home.

5. 💡 Fairy light mason jars

For an added touch of warmth, you could even add some fairy lights around your glitter-snow globe masterpieces OR simply add them into your mason jars. Simply grab some warm-toned, battery-operated fairy lights and you’re good to go!

For a more festive touch, decorate the outside of your mason jar with glitter pens, festive-themed stickers or even a touch of tinsel.

6. 🤲 Christmas-themed playdough 

Get the playdough out (if you dare!) and your little ones will be entertained for hours. Our favourite Christmas-themed playdough ornaments include candy canes, little Christmas trees and miniature snowmen!

7. 🦌👣 Baby feet reindeers!

This ADORABLE craft adds creativity and personalisation into your home decor. Plus, it’s so much fun to do - I mean, just look at our adorable recreation!

All you need? Washable paint, a pack of black cards, a paintbrush, some PVA glue, googly-eyes and some cute little red pom-poms. Oh, and don’t forget your little one!

Get some brown (washable!) paint to paint your little one’s foot with and place their painted foot on a card. Then, once the painted footprint is dry, dot some PVA on the base of the footprint. Stick a pom-pom on the little glob of PVA glue and draw on some antlers. Get your googly eyes and stick them on the top of the footprint. Voila! 

Personalised (cute!) little reindeer footprints.

8. 🕎 Paper-flower Menorahs

Embellish your Menorah with some regal paint and delicate paper flowers - so gorgeous!

9. ❄️ Ice-cream stick snowflakes

Got any leftover ice-cream sticks? Simply get a few and criss-cross them (with some added embellishment - we recommend silver or blue glitter!) to make a pretty snowflake. 

10. 🎄 Accordion Christmas trees 

This one’s super fast and so cute! Simply get some green card or craft paper, and fold accordion style. Don’t forget the star on top of the tree - cut out some yellow card into a star shape and glue it on

🎊 Festive crafts never looked so easy!

Take it from us; festive crafts don’t have to be hard, nor do they have to be expensive. With our tips for keeping your little ones busy over the break, we’re sure your house will be colourful, bright and full of the festive spirit in no time!

And if you’re lucky, maybe your little ones will be so occupied with their DIY crafts, they’ll give you a few moments of peace and quiet. 

Thank us later, KendaFam - go get that craft kit out! 😉

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All we want for Christmas is to hear from youuu! ☃️🎄🎵

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