The Benefits of Drinking Whole Milk

The Benefits of Drinking Whole Milk

Join us to discuss the relationship between childhood obesity, the consumption of cow’s milk and comparison of children who drank whole milk with those who drank semi-skimmed milk or below.

Researchers in Canada have reviewed a total of 28 studies which involved nearly 21,000 children and were conducted across seven different countries. Whilst looking at these studies they examined the relationship between childhood obesity and the consumption of cow’s milk and compared children who drank whole milk with those who drank semi-skimmed milk or below.

Amazingly, the researchers discovered that children who drank whole milk were a huge 40% less likely to become overweight or obese when compared to children who drank semi-skimmed milk. Interestingly, none of the studies demonstrated that drinking semi-skimmed or skimmed milk reduced the risk of being overweight or obese.

The study findings, recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition contradict current recommendations from the Department of Health, NHS and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, all of which recommend giving children semi-skimmed milk starting at the age of 2 to prevent obesity.

This doesn’t of course mean that the advice is wrong, it’s important after-all to understand that the latest research isn’t proof that drinking whole milk makes children slimmer or that drinking semi-skimmed or skimmed milk leads to obesity, but it does however show there is a connection that needs to be investigated in much more detail and maybe parents should consider keeping their children on whole milk for a longer period of time.

This isn’t the first such research promoting the benefits of whole milk and its ability to reduce body fat. One study in particular, published by Swedish researchers in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care highlighted that consuming high-fat milk, butter and cream led to a reduced risk of obesity over a period of 12 years when compared to those who never or rarely consumed high-fat dairy. Nobody can say with certainty why this might be, indeed one theory is that consuming a greater amount of high-fat dairy can lead to a fuller feeling, which means children eat or drink less overall.

Kendamil uses predominantly whole milk in our formula products. We believe that adding whole milk to provide a natural mammal fat source is by far the best formulation for your baby’s needs (and is better than any vegetable oil). At Kendamil, we achieve a balance of milk proteins, using only the minimum skimmed milk required to add the vegetable oils needed to achieve our levels of omega 3 and 6 (for example, Kendamil Stage 1 contains 16g of whole milk powder and just 3.3g of skimmed milk powder per serving). All other formula brands use skimmed milk ONLY, meaning a high reliance on bulking agents such as palm oil. Kendamil is proud to use NO palm oil in any of our products.

Further investigation and studies are due to take place so watch this space for more information. If you would like to see more of the Kendamil range, click here.

Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months, and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.

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