Supporting your child’s gut health with Pro-Comfort

We know the parenting journey can be a bit overwhelming - there is so much information out there on making sure your baby is thriving and in most cases you’re functioning on only a few hours of sleep, doing the best you can. Here at Kendamil, we’re with you at every step of your child's feeding journey, so it made sense that the next line-up in our product range would be a digestive supplement. 

From the world-class team of experts who developed our iconic Kendamil formula range comes Pro-Comfort, a digestive supplement containing scientifically supported friendly bacteria to help support your child’s digestive system.

Why Does Gut Health Matter?

Now, your baby's gut is a big deal. Imagine your child's gut as a bustling city filled with tiny helpers. These little workers help with digestion, make sure your little one gets all the good stuff from food, and they play a massive role in keeping your child healthy. This is the gut microbiome! Our gut microbiomes have been linked to helping digestion, nutrient absorption and even immune response. It’s also good to know that there are various factors that can also affect their gut health such as, how they were born (C-section or not), whether mum took antibiotics during pregnancy, or whether they're being formula-fed or breast-fed.

What does Pro-Comfort Contain And How Does It Work?

Kendamil Pro-Comfort is designed to support your little one’s gut, and so we’ve included more strains of friendly bacteria than most other brands. We’ve carefully selected not just one or two but three, scientifically supported strains; B Lactis, L Rhamnosus, and L Reuteri. 

Not only this, but we’ve also packed a whopping 375 million tiny bacteria, scientifically known as CFUs (Colony Forming Units), into each bottle. But what exactly are CFUs? Well, these are the number of alive and active microorganisms in one dose of a digestive supplement.

And here's the cool part: compared to other brands, our Kendamil Pro-Comfort contains a significantly high CFU count, carefully crafted to support the development of the microbiome in your baby’s tummy without overwhelming it. 

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We’ve Left Out The Nasties

One of the standout features of Kendamil Pro-Comfort is its ingredients list (or lack of ingredients actually). Aside from the three strains of live cultures, added FOS and some sunflower oil to enable consumption, you won’t find anything else in our Pro-Comfort drops. Our digestive drops are gluten-free, soy free, free from maltodextrin, are non-GMO, and don’t contain any artificial colours. Because our drops are flavourless it makes it so much easier to give to little ones, who can often be fussy when it comes to the taste of things.

Oh, and guess what? Kendamil is all about including everyone. These drops are not just vegetarian; they also meet halal and kosher dietary requirements. Basically, we think that every baby, no matter their religion or lifestyle, deserves the good stuff.

Who Can Use Pro-Comfort?

These drops are specially formulated for children under three years of age, making them an ideal choice for parents seeking a digestive supplement for their children during the crucial early years of development. Whether your baby is breastfeeding, having formula, or munching on solids, these drops are flavourless and can be added easily into their routine. Please note that Pro-Comfort is not recommended for babies born prematurely.

How do you use them?

Adding these drops to your baby's routine is easy-peasy. Each bottle has a 30-day supply. For babies under six months, use the pipette to drop five little drops (the daily dosage) directly into their mouth. If your baby is bottle-fed, you can mix it into their formula or mom's expressed milk. Simple, right? For older kids you can give to them on a spoon or in their water. Just remember to shake the bottle well until the drops go cloudy before using. You can then store Pro-Comfort either in the fridge or at room temperature.

How do we compare with other brands?

Now there’s a lot of baby supplements out there, so whatever you choose, it's essential to make an informed decision. When you choose Kendamil, you are choosing a family owned brand that you can trust, with over 60 years experience in producing the highest quality infant nutrition products.

✅ Made with love from our family to yours

✅ Developed by a trusted baby nutrition brand with over 60 years of expertise

✅ 3 scientifically supported bacteria strains

✅ Added FOS

✅ Easy to use dropper, simply add into milk or give on spoon

✅ Easy to order, available on along with your monthly subscription

✅ Priced at just £14.99 for a month’s supply

In the adventure of parenting, being well informed to make the right choices for your baby's health is super important, and Kendamil Pro-Comfort is another tool for parents who want to support their baby's digestive health. Here at Kendamil we’re committed to providing families with the highest quality products, designed by our world-class teams of experts! As always if you’re unsure about anything we recommend you speak to your GP or health visitor. 

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