Kendamil brings organic baby milk from happy cows straight to a Boots shelf near you!

Kendamil brings organic baby milk from happy cows straight to a Boots shelf near you!

With Kendamil being proudly 100% British made, nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing we are even more available to our customers far and wide in shops across the UK! We’re pleased as punch (or milk) that our Kendamil Organic range is now also sold in Boots.

We’re bringing our organic baby milk from happy British cows straight to a Boots shelf near you. While our mission is from farm to formula, it’s also now from Boots to baby! You can now shop our Organic Kendamil range at over 380 Boots stores across the UK. Giving your baby the best has never been so quick and convenient!

Our customers are vital to our growth, so when you asked for our baby milk to be more readily available, we listened.

Why is Kendamil Organic baby milk being sold at Boots?

With Kendamil being proudly 100% British made, nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing we are even more available to our customers far and wide in shops across the UK! Reaching more customers than ever before means more babies get the benefit of one of the highest-quality, naturally-derived baby milks on the market.


So why choose Kendamil Organic Baby Milk?

We’re vocal for local! 

We firmly believe that the best ingredients are those grown locally. We rely on our world-class farms here at home to craft the world’s most sustainable baby formula, here in the UK. We believe the best ingredients are those grown locally, and we love supporting hundreds of family farms and farmers across the beautiful Lake District. So, what exactly does a local supply chain mean? Well, it means better traceability, sustainability and knowing every step of the process, from farm to formula. When you purchase from Kendamil, rest easy knowing you get only the best, that is nurtured locally and made with love, from our family to yours! 

Kendamil UK map of where our milk is made.

 Kendamil is kinder on babies

We might shout until the cows come home about our full-fat cream formula, but there’s a reason why (apart from the awful pun)! Our organic baby milk formulas are packed with whole milk fats like Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) – a critical component within breast milk, as well as containing 3-GL, 4-GL & 6-GL, which are components also found in breast milk. 

Worryingly, other baby milk brands have decided to scrimp on ingredients and cheapen their formulas with vegetable oils such as palm oil. These ingredients are used not for superior nutrition, but because they are cheap, while their use is causing significant destruction to our environment and the world our little ones will inherit.

Putting an end to the worrying shift from natural nutrients towards industrially produced oils is what we sought to accomplish so that you bring home the power of naturally-derived nutrition for your little one. Kendamil’s commitment to natural mammal’s milk fats, no matter the cost, reflects our mission to offer parents and babies the absolute best baby milk. Don’t just take our word for it - our parents have reported happier, well-rested little ones since making the switch to Kendamil. 

Kendamil is kinder to the environment 

Choosing Kendamil is not only the best choice for your baby, but it’s the best choice for their environment too. We’re the only formula to source our cows milk locally and manufacture here in Britain. And our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Our formula is free from palm oil and fish oil, making Kendamil kinder for babies and the environment. 

Environmentally, palm oil has been a leading cause of deforestation, threatening wildlife populations and indigenous tribes around the world. In addition, by avoiding fish oil in all of our products, we are also working to protect our ocean’s ecosystems and wildlife stocks. 

So when you bag our product, you’re also bagging a better planet for your baby too. Win-win. 

Which stores sell Kendamil Organic baby milk? 

We’re pleased as punch (or milk) that our Kendamil Organic range is available across the UK in hundreds of store locations! We’re here to make life easier for busy parents. As well as now being able to answer yes to the question, “Is Kendamil sold in stores?” we can confirm there are many options! Our baby milks are also available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose supermarkets and from, Amazon, Ocado, Savers, ChemistDirect and Farmdrop online. Alternatively, our website offers free delivery with our handy subscription service!  

Click here to find your nearest store location to shop Kendamil


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  • Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months, and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.

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