Why Kendamil? Nanny Louenna's Review

The journey of parenthood can be overwhelming, but the right information and resources can be a godsend. This is why we're excited to be partnering with Louenna Hood to bring you advice, tips and tricks from a childcare expert. 

If you haven't heard of her before, Louenna (also known as Nanny Louenna) is a Norland Nanny and Maternity Nurse, with 2 decades of experience in caring for children from high profile families and even royals! With her "Nanny in your Pocket" app, she is a go to for thousands of parents looking for extra advice and support in their parenting journey. 

To kick things off, we invited her to visit Kendal and share her thoughts on all things Kendamil.

Why Kendamil?

I’ve been working with Kendamil since their early days and now they seem to be everywhere! As a nanny, I have used a lot of different formulas over the years but Kendamil has been one that stands out for me.

I love that they’re a family owned business,  and I've been able to chat to Ross McMahon and his two co-founder sons Will and Dylan extensively. What stands out is that they always aim to offer incredible quality, but at a price point that is often more affordable than other big names on the market. It’s obvious to me they’re very passionate about what they do.

"I have been so pleasantly surprised by how good this formula tastes - yes, I’ve even tried it myself!"

This is really clear in the ingredients - they are the only brand on the market in the UK that uses a whole milk recipe as the main source of fat, there is no Palm Oil or Fish Oil in the recipe, and they’ve even ensured that it is vegetarian, halal and kosher certified, which is so important for so many families.

I’ve been to the factory, which is based up in the Lake District, to see the how it is all made for myself and their ‘farm to formula’ process is really true! Whole liquid milk arrives at the factory from the farms they source from, and then they oversee the whole process.

The creaminess of the milk is immediately clear and the smell is much better than many thanks to using a plant based DHA as a source of Omega-3 instead of fish oil

What parents have said

There are thousands of positive reviews for Kendamil on trustpilot, but I've also seen amazing things with the families I’ve suggested it to.

I have switched dozens of babies from other formula brands who were experiencing discomfort or were generally unsettled after feeds and the results have been incredible. In my opinion, babies seem to like this formula more than other brands and I have received hundreds of messages from parents over the last couple of years who can’t believe how much happier their little ones are after switching to Kendamil.

Parents love that it’s made from whole milk and supporting a brand based right here in the UK.

What products are in the range?

One thing I love about the Kendamil range is that they really can go on the journey with your little one, through from follow on milk all the way to weaning. They also have a number of ranges to suit different families:

The Kendamil Classic Range

This is their core range and uses milk from Red Tractor farms as the primary ingredient. This means it also has a number of naturally occurring nutrients such a Human Milk Globule Membrane (MFGM) and Oligosaccharides (dietary fibres linked to the health of gut flora). At £12 for a tin, it is incredible value for the quality.

The Kendamil Organic Range

With all the same principles of the Classic range, this uses milk from Organic certified farms. As you’d expect this is a little more expensive at £15.00 a tin but very much in line with other organic brands.

The Kendamil Goat Range

I’m seeing a lot more parents exploring Goat milk formulas and it’s great to see Kendamil have a Goat Milk range, which uses A2 Goat milk and Goat Whey in the recipe. I’ve recommended this formula to lots of families who have little ones struggling to tolerate cow’s milk and it has worked really well for them.

The Kendamil Porridges

Recently launched in Tesco as well as online at Kendamil, I love that their porridges are also all Palm Oil free and use real fruit and veg, with no added sugar. Ideal as part of baby’s first tastes! I always keep a box of porridge in the cupboard to add to fruit and vegetable purées. *A little tip - it’s brilliant for thickening a purée if you’ve made it too runny.

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