Organic Follow-on is in 340 Tescos across UK and Ireland

Organic Follow-on is in 340 Tescos across UK and Ireland

Kendamil launches its palm oil-free and fish oil-free Organic baby milk range in 340 Tesco stores across the UK and Ireland.

We’re officially launching our Kendamil Organic Follow-on formula in 340 Tesco stores across the UK and Ireland!

Here at Kendamil we’re ever-committed to being kinder to YOUR baby AND their planet. We’re so pleased that our award-winning, 100% British-made, whole milk, palm oil-free, fish oil-free, vegetarian-friendly Organic Follow-on is expanding far and wide across the UK and Ireland! 🌟

🤨 How is Kendamil’s Organic Follow-on different?

Here at Kendamil, we’re all about quality ingredients, sustainability and ethical farming. We make products using ingredients that are closer to nature and kinder by miles. So when you choose Kendamil Organic Follow-on formula, you’re choosing:

    🤔 What’s the difference between Kendamil Organic and Kendamil Classic?

    If you’re a parent who wants the reassurance of knowing that EVERY ingredient in your baby milk is organically sourced, then our Organic range is the perfect baby milk for you.

    The difference between our Organic and Classic range is related to the origin of ingredients. ALL of our organic ingredients (including our milk!) are sourced entirely from organic farms. Organic farms make up only 1% of the world’s farms and bring with them higher animal welfare and nutritional quality due to a lack of pesticides and herbicides on the land!

    Shopping our Kendamil Organic range means you’re buying baby milk that is certified by two of the most stringent organic certification bodies in the world:

    • The EU Organic Certification
    • The UK Soil Association


      Studies ALSO show that Organic milk can contain up to 62% more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic milk (1)). Our Organic range is supplied by happy, healthy, grass-fed cows - which means milk that contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), more beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K2, AND vitamin E(2)!

      Lastly, while ALL our farms ensure that animals are kept safe, happy and healthy, organic farms take that principle even further. EU laws dictate that ALL organic farms must put the welfare of animals above all else. Our organically-reared cows are fed a healthy diet to strengthen their immunity, improving the quality - and sweetness! - of the milk they provide!

      ⁉️ Why choose Kendamil Organic over other brands?

      If you’re wondering “Why should I choose Kendamil Organic?” or “What sets Kendamil Organic apart from other baby milks?”, look no further. ALL our Organic Follow-on milks are uniquely British made, vegetarian-friendly, palm oil-free AND fish oil-free

      Our organic ingredients are fully traceable and of the highest quality. This commitment to kinder ingredients and processes makes for happy British cows, happy Red Tractor farmers and most importantly, happy little ones

      To top it all off, our factory also runs on 100% renewable electricity - meaning, from A-Z we’re thinking about sustainability and nurturing a better planet for little ones everywhere.

      🌴 Kendamil’s Organic Follow-on range is palm oil-free 🌴


      Palm oil is a leading cause of deforestation which threatens wildlife and indigenous tribes all over the globe. A reduction in palm oil production is better for our planet and its people. Lowering palm oil production can lead to lower levels of:

      Deforestation. From Amazon to Borneo, reducing our palm oil consumption protects rainforests, greenery and wildlife.

      Endangered animals. Palm oil destroys the natural habitats of our wildlife, endangering several animal species. By reducing palm oil production, we’re keeping our endangered animals safe.

      Global warming. Cutting down rainforests to extract palm oil releases tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere (3)

      The result of a palm oil-free Organic Follow-on formula? Safer ecosystems, more protected communities and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

      🐟 Kendamil’s Organic Follow-on range is fish oil-free 🐟


      We uniquely use algae oil instead of fish oil in each and every one of our baby milks, which makes our formula sustainable AND uniquely vegetarian. This makes Kendamil Organic kinder to our endangered marine ecosystems and by removing fish allergens from our recipe, more inclusive of your family’s dietary needs!

      The overharvesting of fish has led to a dangerous rise in environmental issues including:

      🎣 Destroying huge populations of marine wildlife. Overfishing has led to an imbalance in marine ecosystems. Trawling (the use of heavy nets to capture large amounts of marine animals used for fish oil, among other products) can seriously damage the balance of an ecosystem.

      🎣 Polluting precious reefs and marine plants. Marine overfishing also leads to higher levels of sea pollution. Plastic, left from abandoned fishing gear (which is terribly common when unsustainable and unregulated fishing happens) tends to be the main culprit in damaging sensitive marine ecosystems.

      🎣 Coral bleaching. This is when oceans become ‘stressed’ due to sudden changes in a marine environment, such as overfishing. This results in coral turning white due to expelling symbiotic algae living in their tissues - essentially depleting their nutrient content and rendering them vulnerable to disease. Healthy, ‘unstressed’ coral is an essential source of nutrition for sea wildlife and plays a vital role in protecting coastline erosion. The consequences of coral bleaching are severe. Not only can it reduce the growth rates of marine wildlife, but it can also lower marine biodiversity. It can also prevent local communities (who rely on healthy marine environments for food, tourism and medicine) from prospering.

      🎣 Deprivation in communities. Talking of local communities, countless indigenous communities across the world rely on sustainable, ethical fishing practices for their livelihood. These communities rely on seafood for the majority of their diet. Overfishing depletes their resources. Most of these communities are now sadly, endangered - with studies showing that, while indigenous communities protect 80% of the world’s population, they comprise less than 5% of it (4).

      The result of a fish oil-free Organic Follow-on formula? Safer marine wildlife, a more balanced marine ecosystem PLUS the opportunity to protect and safeguard already endangered indigenous communities. It’s a simple, more sustainable choice - one we’ve made with the planet, people and future generations in mind. 

      🥰 Kendamil is committed to supporting local British farms and families (you could say we’re VOCAL for LOCAL!).


      We firmly believe that the best ingredients are those sourced locally. We uniquely rely on our world-class Organic farms here at home to craft the world’s most sustainable baby formula, while proudly supporting dozens of local Organic family farms and farmers in Cumbria. 

      So, what exactly does a local supply chain mean? Well, it means better traceability, sustainability and knowing every step of the process, from farm to formula. Aside from our Organic milk, our whey comes from Somerset, our vitamins and minerals from Kent, our essential oils from Yorkshire AND even our packaging comes from the Midlands!

      When you choose Kendamil, you’re choosing from a 100% home-grown brand. So you can rest easy knowing you’re providing your little one with the finest organic milk; nurtured locally and made with love...from our family to yours! 

      ✨ To conclude…

      Knowing that our one-of-a-kind products are helping parents feed little ones across the UK makes us proud to call ourselves Kendamil. This expansion in Tesco is a massive achievement, one that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without your vocal support and love for our Organic product range!

      With your continued help and support, we’re confident that we will continue to set high standards and help families around the world feed their little ones with baby milk that is closer to nature and kinder miles. And, as a family business that continues to rapidly expand across the UK, Ireland (and beyond!) we couldn’t be more thankful for the support you’ve shown us!

      🤔 Where can I purchase Kendamil Organic Follow-on?

      Aside from being sold in 340 Tesco stores across the UK and Ireland, you can also find our Organic Follow-on milks on our website. We even offer free delivery with our Subscribe&Save service

      To find your local Kendamil Organic stockist, click here

      🤩 Need some parenting support? Our Customer Support Team are fellow mums and dads. 🤩

      Reach out to us! Our customer support team of fellow mums and dads have helped thousands of parents. We're here for you.

      < Chat and connect with a parent here > 

      Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. All Kendamil Follow-on milks are only suitable for babies over 6 months and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.


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