Kendamil brings its British-made Classic baby milk range to 1,500 Co-ops across the UK!

Kendamil brings its British-made Classic baby milk range to 1,500 Co-ops across the UK!

Kendamil launches its Classic baby milk range in 1,500 Co-ops across the UK. From Cumbria to Co-op, shop British-made formulas at your convenience.

From the farms of Cumbria to a Co-op near you, giving your little one British-made, high-quality baby milk has never been easier. 

You ‘herd’ us right 😉 Our Kendamil Classic range is hitting its BIGGEST LAUNCH TO DATE, reaching far and wide in over 1,500 Co-op locations across the UK!

We’re pleased as punch (or milk!) that our award-winning, 100% British-made, palm oil-free, fish oil-free, full-cream AND vegetarian Classic baby milk is expanding far and wide across the UK. Phew, a mouthful of positivity, that! 🌟

Why is the Kendamil Classic range baby milk being launched in 1,500 Co-Ops?

Our mission isn’t just to provide quality baby milk; we want to make it easy and convenient for our parents to find it. You asked for accessibility and we answered. Because when it comes to our KendaFamily, we’ve ALWAYS got you covered.

Kendamil is 100% British-made. Being stocked across 1,500 Co-ops means we get the satisfaction of knowing that we’re EVEN MORE available to our customers, nationwide. So, now, more babies get access to the highest-quality, naturally-derived baby milks on the market.

Excited to see Kendamil stocked in over a whopping 1,500 UK Co-ops? We know we are!

What sets Kendamil baby milks apart?

We’re all about quality ingredients, sustainability and ethical farming. We make products that are closer to nature AND kinder by miles. So when you choose Kendamil, you’re choosing:


In 2021, we’ve also won quite a few awards that reflect our high-quality standards. In fact, our trophy cabinet may need an extension!

Our Kendamil Classic Follow-on formula was most recently crowned winners of the prestigious and coveted Grocer’s New Product Award 2021 for the Baby & Infant Food category. 🥇

We’re the first baby milk brand EVER to win this award, so we’re absolutely ecstatic, to say the least! So, the next time you bag Kendamil Classic Follow-on, off the Co-op shelves, know you’re taking home an award-winning product. 🤩

But, really, at our core (even though we DO love a glamorous award or two!) we’re proud of our roots - sustainably from the Lake District, full of delicious nutritrients AND sourcing natural whole milk.🐮

Kendamil is committed to supporting local UK farms and families (you could say we’re VOCAL for LOCAL!).

We firmly believe that the best ingredients are those grown locally. We rely on our world-class farms, here at home, to craft the world’s most sustainable, UK-based baby formula.

We believe the best ingredients are those grown locally, and we love supporting hundreds of local family farms and farmers. 

So, what exactly does a local supply chain mean? Well, it means better traceability! It also means knowing every step of the process, from farm to formula. Our milk is supplied by 220 British Red Tractor farms, our whey is from Somerset, our vitamins and minerals are from Kent, our essential oils are from Yorkshire AND we package in the Midlands.


When you purchase from Kendamil, you’re purchasing from a 100% British brand. So, rest easy knowing you get only the best; nurtured locally and made with love - from our family to yours.

At Kendamil, we’re committed to being kinder to the planet, AND to your baby’s tummy

Our commitment to being kind means everyone is happy - from happy British cows to happy Red Tractor farmers to happy little ones

Our Kendamil baby milks have (and always will be) palm oil AND fish oil-free. That’s because we’ve made a promise to ourselves, parents and babies: to be kind, ethical and sustainable in everything we do.

So, how is Kendamil a sustainable brand?

Kendamil baby milks are palm oil-free 🌴

Palm oil is a leading cause of deforestation which threatens wildlife and the survival of indigenous tribes around the globe. Lowering palm oil production can lead to lower levels of:

Deforestation. From Amazon to Borneo, reducing our palm oil consumption protects rainforests, greenery and wildlife.

Endangered animals. Palm oil destroys the natural habitats of our wildlife, endangering several animal species. By reducing palm oil production, we’re keeping our endangered animals safe.

Global warming. Cutting down rainforests to extract palm oil releases tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The result of a palm oil-free formula? We help to keep our planet and our people safe.

Kendamil baby milks are fish oil-free 🐟

We also use algae oil instead of fish oil in each and every one of our baby milks, which makes our formula sustainable AND uniquely vegetarian. We’re kinder to the marine ecosystems and more inclusive of your dietary needs.

The overharvesting of fish has led to a dangerous increase in environmental issues, such as:

🎣 Destroying huge populations of marine wildlife. Overfishing has led to an imbalance in marine ecosystems. Trawling (the use of heavy nets to capture large amounts of marine animals in one go) can seriously damage the balance of marine wildlife.

🎣 Polluting precious reefs and marine plants. Marine overfishing also leads to higher levels of sea pollution. Plastic, especially, tends to be the main culprit in damaging sensitive marine ecosystems.

🎣 Coral bleaching. Coral bleaching damages precious coral. It tends to happen when a marine ecosystem becomes imbalanced. Coral is essential in keeping a marine ecosystem balanced - it’s a source of nutrition for sea-wildlife PLUS it protects coastline erosion. The consequences of coral bleaching are severe: not only can coral bleaching reduce growth rates of marine wildlife, but it can also lower marine biodiversity. PLUS it can prevent communities (those who’ve been reliant on coral for socioeconomic and medical purposes for centuries) from prospering. 

🎣 Deprivation in communities. Talking of harming local communities, there are many who rely on sustainable, ethical fishing practices for their livelihood. Overfishing depletes resources for local communities.

The result of a fish oil-free formula? Safer marine wildlife and a more balanced marine ecosystem. It’s a simple, more sustainable choice - one we’ve made with the planet, people and future generations in mind.

Where exactly can I purchase Kendamil’s British-made, palm oil-free & fish oil-free baby milks?

Aside from being sold in 1,500 Co-ops across the UK, you can also find us at other mainstream supermarkets (including Tesco, Morrisons, Savers, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and more!).

Alternatively, our website offers free delivery with our subscribe&save service

To find your local Kendamil stockist, click here

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Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.

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